Monday, September 6, 2010


I know I do not stand alone when I say that I usually try to control every aspect of my life. Of course, I genuinely want God to guide all of my decisions, but the truth is I also want Him to bless all of my decisions. When something doesn't work out for me, whether it is a relationship, or school-related, I often criticize myself or blame my actions as the cause. I contemplate and question what I did wrong this time.

Tonight I was reminded to look at the bigger picture. God has a plan for me. For each and every one of us. He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. Not just at school, at work, in our relationships, but in everything we do.We must stop worrying and waiting for the next step to come along, and put all faith in the Lord. I haven't been able to completely comprehend this until I came across a title in a book I started (When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric & Leslie Ludy). It says, "Giving God the Pen". These four simple words sent me in to a reality check.

This past year I have grown tremendously in my faith, but have I really handed over my pen to God? Have I trusted Him with my whole heart, and let Him be the center of my focus? We must lean on God alone and allow Him to guide and direct every part of our existence.

 Psalm 32:8 says, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go."

If our focus is not entirely on Him, we will miss His directions completely, and follow our heart's selfish desires.

...This was heavy on my heart tonight and I just wanted to share these thoughts with you. I highly recommend any and every single lady or man out there to get this book! Every page is full of advice, encouragement, and TRUTH - straight from God's words. I'm sure I'll be referencing a lot to this book for a while, I hope you don't mind.
Summer is over and I'm finally getting back in to the swing of things. Classes have started, my Christian college group is finally meeting again, and my ladies' bible study begins next week! So I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and inspirations with you once again.



Kristin said...

What a great post! So happy for you to have found that contentment in God's control is far better than any control we can muster on our own. I'm sure He has a perfect, beautiful love story to write for you Hayley!

Anonymous said...

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