Monday, March 22, 2010

my testimony. my revelation.

I chose to start this blog for a couple of reasons. At 21 years old, my faith is the strongest it has ever been. This past year my eyes were opened and I have seen Christ work in my life continuously. I have several journals I keep up with but as a nursing student the old fashioned pen and paper just takes too long. I enjoy documenting life's happenings, my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and prayers. I feel it is only proper to tell you a little about myself and to begin with my testimony.

I'm just a small-town girl from Texas. I grew up in a loving, christian home. I am blessed with parents that have been happily married for 32 years, and I have two sweet older brothers. After a couple of years at different community colleges mixed with a few bumps in the road, I changed my major back to nursing and am now attending the university of my choice where I plan to get my RN. Why nursing? My passion, my talent, and my hobby are all the same - I absolutely love taking care of people. I have a very tender heart, but a strong will and a lot of determination that pushes me to take care of others. I am grounded. I'm real, and down to earth.

To fully grasp the depth of my walk of faith I'll try not to leave anything out. Including the good, the bad, and the ugly...
All my life I grew up in a very close-knit, christian home. I'd always been a believer of Jesus Christ, but I guess I had never established a faith of my own - it was always my parents' faith. My decisions and my mistakes are all my own - in no way should my sins reflect on my family or my childhood. My parents did a wonderful job of teaching us right from wrong and we were disciplined accordingly. They always set a close-to-perfect example of what a Godly marriage should be. I just a few left turns when I should have gone right.

I've gone to church religiously since I was in diapers. I was baptized into Christ when I was in middle school. I walked a straight path until I was about 16 when I became involved in a unpure, ungodly relationship with a guy who was a few years older. My parents didn't like it from the get-go but I disregarded their opinions completely. We dated for about 3 1/2 years and during that period I lost all of my friends, I wasn't doing well in school, and I had completely cut off all personal communication with my family. They didn't approve so I just didn't talk to them. I thought I didn't need anyone else in my life. He was my God. I also got involved with alcohol and the party scene. When the relationship ended I was completely lost. Actually, lost doesn't even compare to what I was. I had no one. I rarely went to church because I felt so guilty when I walked through the doors. To everyone else my life looked perfect. I would go to the bar on Saturday night then have on a pretty face decorated with pearls for Sunday morning service. Pretty bad, huh? So after my first love was gone, I didn't even think I deserved the Lord.

I slowly started to rekindle my relationship with my family. It took a long time to gain back their trust. When I was 20 years old I moved away from home to attend a different college. I continued on with a lifestyle full of drinking and partying. A few more dead-end relationships here and there. But I still had a heart full of emptiness. Something was missing. All of my old friends were still living in sin and I had nobody encouraging me to get my act together besides my family. It wasn't until about a year ago when I chose to make a decision. I knew I couldn't handle any more stress and I had no idea where my life was headed so I gave it all over to God like my mom told me to do thousands of times before. I gave it all to God. I told him to take control of my life and lead me where he wants me to go. Shortly after, It was then that I realized I was not in the right place. I moved home for the summer to figure things out. I ended up applying last minute to a few universities that offered nursing degrees. That summer of '09 I got accepted to the school of my choice just a few days before my 21st birthday. I didn't know a single person at the school, but I figured that it could be a great way to a fresh start. A clean slate. It would take a lot of courage to move 4 hours away from everything I've known, and the people that care about me. But I had to do it. Something was pulling me. I continued to pray that God would show me what to do next...and He did! Every little detail started to line up exactly - my apartment, my roommate, everything. It was incredible.

Not too long after classes began, I got involved in a Christian group affiliated with one of the local churches. I was invited to one of their worship services on Thursday nights for college kids - a live band, a quick message, and "midnight breakfast" is served. The first time I ever went I was moved beyond measure. The speaker was talking DIRECTLY to me. I knew immediately this was a group I wanted to get plugged in with. Surprisingly there were a couple hundred kids there. I was challenged to "read my bible for 5 minutes, for the next 7 days" - I was told it would change my life...and it did. I was invited to join a girls' bible study that was held on Sunday nights. I had never participated in anything like it before - so I prayed about it for a few days and decided it would be a great thing. I've now gone every week since it's started and it was the best decision I've made. I've met all of my new friends from this Christian group, I'm so thankful for that. I even recently spent my Spring Break in Canada for a mission trip.

My life was changed because I gave all of my worries, my troubles over to God last year. I'm learning to do this every day. That is why it is "My Sweet Revelation". I am experiencing a spiritual revelation from the Lord, Jesus Christ as he works in my life. My faith is now stronger than ever. I have an amazing relationship with Christ, and I'm constantly surrounded by Christians. I read my Bible like I'm looking for answers, not because I'm told to read it or because I do it out of repitition. I am once again close with family and I have their support in all I do 100 percent. NEVER again will I date someone that my parents do not approve of. I share my story and Jesus' love for me every opportunity I get. It is because of Him that I am saved. I do not regret my mistakes, for they are a thing of my past. I believe they made me who I am today, and I am a much stronger person because of it. I know now exactly what I look for in a husband, and bars and alcohol are no longer part of my life. I feel like I am EXACTLY where God wants me to be.
Join me as I write about life's experiences and share my thoughts. Encouragement and prayers are always need!

God Bless,



Just Add Walter said...

what a great testimony... sounds like you are getting a fresh start at life! I look forward to hearing more - I just became your FIRST follower!

Hayley Kathryn said...

Thanks for stopping by! Congrats you are my very FIRST follower! :)

God's girl said...

What a beautiful testimony:) I know the pain, and the journey of walking this out with God will prove to better than hanging onto the life you had. We give Him our counterfeit pearls, and He in turn, gives us the real thing!