Sunday, April 11, 2010

30 loves. just because.

30 loves. Just because! Get to know me a little better. Maybe we have more in common than you think! :)

1. I love the Lord, Jesus Christ
2. I love being the baby sister
3. I love live music
4. I love being crafty
5. I love being from Texas
6. I love all things Southern
7. I love lazy days in my pajamas
8. I love a good scary movie
9. I love wearing dresses
10. I love photography
11. I love people-watching
12. I love the smell of Christmas
13. I love sweet tea
14. I love driving down backroads
15. I love homemade icecream
16. I love asking for advice from a stranger
17. I love fishing
18. I love road-trips
19. I love Reeses pieces
20. I love garage sales
21. I love wild flowers
22. I love baking homemade pies
23. I love sunsets
24. I love dressing up
25. I love sushi
26. I love campfires
27. I love laying on the beach all day
28. I love manicures
29. I love discovering new music artists
30. I love taking care of people

1 comment:

Briana Kate said...

Thank you for your sweet words and visiting my blog!

I love reading about other girls in my same life stage! Hope you had a great weekend! :)